I discovered Ayurveda several years ago and have a collection of books dealing with the topic that have been helpful. But, books can’t compare to having an Ayurvedic doctor to consult. We have a treasure in our community and her name is Dr.Ashlesha Raut.My husband and I both get consultations from her and her knowledgeable, compassionate, individualized approach has helped us tremendously. Her recommendations for Diet and Lifestyle modifications have been of great benefit.

If you are someone who is looking for a holistic approach to maintaining good health or help in overcoming a health issue, please consider a consult with Dr.Raut.
You can’t beat the wisdom of the Ayurvedic approach encompassing the total (holistic) person.

Diane Luhn, RN

Dr. Ashlesha Raut is a dedicated and an amazing teacher. I took her weekend long Ayurveda course called Dravya Guna Vignyan (Knowledge of Substances) at the Dinacharya Institute, New York City, NY. She explained complex Ayurvedic principles in simple terms; I enjoyed her curriculum on Ayurveda’s use of herbo-mineral preparations/formulations as medicine and learned a great deal about this rare subject. She was methodical, attentive and very open to answering students’ questions. I am glad to have taken her course and would definitely take another class with her.-

Sriram Moorthy – Entrepreneur
New York City, NY

Ayurveda has been very helpful. It offers a holistic approach to health. This past summer my total cholesterol was 265 and now it is 219, a great improvement without prescription medication in that amount of time. I also feel healthier and more relaxed.Dr. Raut asked me to keep a diary of all of my intake for a week. With that information, in addition to answers to some other questions she asked, she came up with ideas for changes to make in my diet to help lower my cholesterol. The change in diet along with the herbal supplements helped to lower my cholesterol 46 points.This is not about treating symptoms, although that may be a benefit, this is about being a healthier person. Diet, exercise, and lifestyle impact our health and how we feel every day. Even small changes in our habits can create improvement in our health and how we feel. Dr. Raut is very knowledgeable; she takes the time to find out what is going on in your body and in your life, to help you to make subtle changes to produce positive results in your life. I am happy that I found her!

Dixie Reynolds, RN, DNP                                                                                                                  Normal IL

Ayurveda has been very useful to me by the holistic nature of its healing process. It has taught me that optimum health is a balance that can be achieved when our diet, environment, behaviors as well as thoughts are in harmony. Ayurveda, with its preventive orientation and of course with its range of curative therapies has proved effective for me whenever my body has slipped off balance, quickly restoring the harmony, provided I take the onus of following the carefully customized approach that Dr. Raut has given me. That is the least I can do to let this timeless science via Dr. Raut work wonders!Dr. Raut brings her classical training in Ayurveda along with modern scientific approach to her help her clients. Her health assessments take into account my time related challenges and she shows me ways in which I can still do the yogasans, confirm to the diet she suggests and the like. Her compassionate nature certainly adds to her well-rounded approach to providing the much-needed holistic care to people in central Illinois and beyond.

Mary (Journalist)

I had a severe acidity and gas problem that made me sleep upright in order to get some 4 to 5 hours of sleep. I was given high dose of modern medicine. Took it for 26 months with no relief and gained side effects. I learned about the Ayurveda doctor in town. Dr. Raut put me on food and plant base medication.My symptoms started improving after 3 months. Now, after 10 months, I am acidity free and sleep normally with no side effects. The exercise and Asana helped along with food base medication.
These medications were very affordable since they were food and plant based and the Asana and exercise were at no cost but improved my overall health which made me more energetic.

Janak Bloomington, IL

I am fortunate to have Dr. Ashlesha Raut as part of my healthcare team. She is an excellent Ayurvedic practitioner with keen diagnostic skills and the ability to help a client transition into a more balanced state of health. The individualized treatment approach she developed for me is resolving some chronic situations that allopathic medicine has not helped. Sleep, diet, mental focus, and energy-related issues are improving in a surprisingly gentle way. I also appreciate how Ayurveda, a truly holistic modality, includes consideration of psycho-spiritual elements that contribute to overall well-being. Working with Dr. Raut has deepened my understanding of yoga and Ayurveda as a lifestyle, not just a bag of techniques. Dr. Raut takes considerable time to educate her clients on how and why her recommendations bring the whole person into balance. She is a compassionate, generous person—an authentic example of the heart and soul of Ayurveda. We are very blessed to have her here in Central Illinois.


Kathryn Bell, Massage Therapist

The holistic Ayurvedic approach has been one of the best resources I have found to help me with my migraines and digestive issues. Dr. Raut gives you her undivided attention, listens to what you have to say, and has a very individualized approach that has worked very well for me.My migraines have decreased in frequency and strength without the need for prescription medicines and the other issues are well on their way to being completely resolved. I am so impressed and satisfied with Dr. Raut and her approach! She is available for questions and answers promptly, and her advice for my yoga practice was very beneficial. I have had no hesitation in recommending the Ayurvedic approach to others. Go for it!!

Virginia Schmult

I followed Ayurveda during my pregnancy and for general well-being. Following the Ayurveda way of diet, exercise lifestyle etc, I never got any food related issues like heartburn etc. during pregnancy.My baby is healthy and beautiful. Post-partum, I still go to her for consultation. My older daughter has allergic asthma and has been taking medication as advised by Dr.Ashlesha. She has not fallen sick due to weather changes or Asthma and her appetite has improved. She is showing improvement. I like the concept of lifestyle, diet, exercise that has a potential to control and heal asthma permanently. Based on the results, I am quite optimistic. Thank You.The customized approach was quite practical and helpful. For both my daughter and I, it was based on prakruti, dosha, foods that suited us, medications that were easily available. What could be taken during pregnancy for me and asthma for my daughter.We are assured we are in good hands especially with the high quality customized approach, professionalism, empathy and personal interest and her expertise. We trust her and feel comfortable enough to try any natural products recommended by her or consult her on new ones.Our healthcare system has become so fragmented and does not take care of treatments holistically. Healing And lifestyle changes through Ayurveda complements and provides body to strengthen its innate healing abilities. We are fortunate to have Ashlesha to guide us on the holistic Approach of healing the Ayurveda way.She is a “go to” person if anybody is looking for holistic method of healing.
We need more people like her for general wellbeing and more awareness among people and I will do my best to tell people about her.

Meeta Javeri, IT Professional. Atlanta, GA

Dr.Ashlesha Raut has given me extraordinary insight into what it means to “find balance.” As a newcomer to Ayurveda, I have been fascinated by the wisdom of this approach, an approach that teaches the fundamentals of optimal health and how it is different for each individual. I am a peri-menopausal woman facing all of the usual challenges. It has been very refreshing to learn that some herbs and food powders in conjunction with a simple diet and exercise could balance my system and allow me to re-access my creativity and joy. Thank you, Dr.Raut, for your sympathetic support and understanding!

Lorie Heggie

I suffered from hives for about 8 years and had gone to several western doctors including an allergist.  Bottom line no one could tell me what caused the hives and how to get rid of them.  They could only treat the symptoms.  I took an antihistamine everyday for 8 years.  There were side effects such as dry eyes which were uncomfortable since I wear contact lenses.  This lead to more prescriptions such as Restasis for dry eyes.  Finally, fed up I searched for a different solution.  I was referred to Dr. Raut and through her careful analysis, diagnosis and treatment after about 4 months, I was able to get off the antihistamines and get rid of the hives.  It was amazing and fairly simple.    
I was so pleased with the outcome, I continued to work with Dr. Raut to stay healthy.  It has been about 5 years and through our consultations, adjustments to my diet, and annual cleanses, I have lost 15 pounds (without trying) and kept them off, no longer have insomnia, have more energy and generally feel healthier.  
I highly recommend Dr Raut especially if you have tried western medicine and are not satisfied with the results.  Also, if you just want to improve your health, energy and well being, don’t hesitate.  There is nothing complicated or extreme in her treatments.

Laura Trop, Tenafly NJ