Healing Services

We are pleased to offer the following Healing services:

  • Ayurveda Consultation
  • Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle counseling
  • Panchakarma (Ayurveda Detox)
    • Shirodhara (Bliss Therapy)
    • Abhyanga (Oil massage)
    • Swedana (Fomentation)
    • Marma point massage
    • Nasya (Nasal Therapy)
    • Shiroabhyanga (Head massage)
    • Katibasti
    • Hrudbasti
    • Netrabasti

The beauty of Ayurveda is its harmonizing effect on the body-mind-spirit by determining your unique body-mind constitution and related imbalances.

Dietary and herbal medicinal treatments are customized based on your predominant dosha (inner energies) or elemental subtype with the intention of restoring the natural doshic balance and your optimal health. Knowledge of Ayurveda enables one to understand how to create this balance of body, mind and spirit according to one’s individual constitution and how to make lifestyle changes to bring about and maintain this balance and harmony.

Enjoy life to its fullest. Become healthy, happy and harmonize your body, mind and spirit and enjoy the path of Holistic living. Maximize your unique potential through the secrets of Ayurvedic science.

Ayurveda Consultations Include:

  • Evaluation of your Ayurvedic body constitution
  • Personalized Ayurvedic diet and Nutrition plan
  • Customized lifestyle suggestions
  • Ayurvedic body work suggestions : Massage, yoga posture , yogic breathing techniques, detox, meditation techniques
  • Ayurvedic herbs to balance the doshas (inner energies).

Ayurvedic health management that we offer combines the key foundations of Ayurveda by stressing prevention and promoting preservation. Ayurveda is not an overnight process – rather it is a way of natural healing and life in harmony with nature. This plan gives the body, time to adjust and heal itself.

First Consultation:

The first consultation lasts for 60-90 minutes duration. Based on evaluation of your Ayurvedic body constitution and pulse analysis, highly customized Ayurvedic Diet and Nutritional plan as well as personalized lifestyle suggestions are provided.
As per your need, Ayurvedic body work massage, yoga postures , yogic breathing techniques, detox, meditation techniques  are recommended. Ayurvedic herbs are advised to bring / maintain the balance of doshas (inner energies).

Follow up Consultations:
Are recommended based on present doshic (inner energies) imbalances.

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Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle counseling:
According to Ayurveda, if diet is followed properly then there is no need of medicine. If “Diet” is not followed properly, medicine is not effective. Ayurvedic treatment modalities are based on 3 main pillars which are referred as Aahar, Vihar and Aushadhi. The first 2 of these pillars Aahar and Vihar are concerned with Diet and Lifestyle. It is believed that when Ayurvedic principles of Diet and Lifestyle are followed, the seeds of disease never sow, the practical, easy to follow guidelines of diet and lifestyle provide and assist us in bringing out the fullness in our life. Therefore for achieving optimal health it is essential to seek Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle counseling. Vitamins, nutritional supplements are also advised as per one’s health need.