Begin your journey towards a healthy, balanced and blissful living.

Become healthy, happy and harmonize your body, mind and spirit and enjoy the path of Holistic living.  Ayurveda for Healing offers holistic Ayurveda consultations and programs such as Panchakarma (Ayurveda Detox), Educational workshops and Diet & Lifestyle counseling. 

Enjoy life to its fullest. Become healthy, happy and harmonize your body, mind and spirit and enjoy the path of Holistic living.

Health is not only absence of disease but it is a state of balance of Body-Mind-Spirit. Ayurveda works to bring this state of balance in the individual. According to Ayurveda, health is a continual process of achieving and maintaining a dynamic balance in all aspects of life through the means of comprehensive natural therapies which are highly customized to suit the individuals’ constitution and their current doshic (energies) imbalance. The goal of this process is not only to heal the disease and to reestablish balance but more importantly to prevent disease and to promote holistic and optimal health.

We believe throughout over 15 years of practice, that the three keys to good healthy, fulfilling life are:

Right Diet – Ingesting foods to match our unique being.


Right Exercise and Lifestyle practices – Maintaining the right bodily functions through yoga, meditation, exercises unique for your body-mind constitution


Right Guidance – Balancing the odds with herbs & expertise…


Maximize your unique potential through the secrets of Ayurvedic science. Experience the difference in what a true holistic living is all about at Ayurveda for Healing.

 Come, embark on the journey and let us guide you to initiate and maintain the holistic     healing path. Enjoy every breath of life to its fullest and achieve optimal health.

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